Parts Installation


We are installing everything we sell and more in our 6,000 square feet clean, professional workshop in Grand Ledge, Michigan. If you need turbochargers, superchargers, suspension work, high-end Valvetronic exhaust work, retrofit coding etc., our experienced techs are here to help you get the job done correctly!

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Performance Parts


We carry wide choices of aftermarket & OEM parts for your ride.

Not all the parts are suitable for your use. Unlike other shops that will sell you the most profitable parts that might not be suitable for your needs, we are here to make your car better with parts upgrades.

Sometimes expensive parts are not always right! We are more than happy to guide and advise you to choose the correct parts for the correct upgrade.

We respect every single car that wants any sort of upgrade, from daily drives to podium racecars!

Let us help you make the most out of your purchase.




Whether it's a racecar or daily-drive, maintenance is one of the most important things that makes sure your vehicle works effectively and flawlessly.

Depending on the manufacturer specification and owner's usage, we provide the best matching maintenance program with record uploads to Carfax.

Every car here at TCOFF will be treated like our own car.

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Suspension Tuning


At TCOFF Suspension service, we have all the necessary skills, tools and parts to make sure your daily-drive or track weapon drive like what it's built to be or even better!

Whether your car is daily driven or track prepped, we’ll have ideas of what it is that you’re looking for and the right parts to give you what you need.

Need a custom alignment that a commercial tire shop won't do or don't know how to? Let us get it done right for you!


Corner Balance


"Upgrade with ride height adjustable Coilover suspension kit without coroner balance it is a total waste of money."
You might hear this a lot from track rats or street warriors. Yes for 50%, you do need corner balance for better performance of your suspension kit, but you need to make sure it's done correctly. They are not just numbers on the scale; there are many factors involved to set it right, like hot/cold tire pressure, anti-roll bar link, and more.

At TCOFF, we have the tools and knowledge to take vehicle balance to the next level with corner balancing of the car. 
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Track car/HPDE Event Preparation


For those who want to drive on the track but don't know what to prepare, we are here to help.
You can bring your bone stock car to figure out what to need for first track seat time, or you can bring your fully built track weapon for routine service or for a quick check, or do you need last-minute brake work, fluid work? Reach us out for hassle-free preparation. Just make sure you have fun on the track and pursuit that trophy!